Kepwealth Property Phils. Inc.

Kepwealth Property Phils. Inc. (“The Company”) is engaged in the business of investing in, purchasing, or otherwise acquiring and owning, holding, using, selling, assigning, transferring, leasing, mortgaging, exchanging, maintaining, administering, managing, and operating alone or jointly with others, or otherwise disposing of real property, such as but not limited to office, commercial, agricultural and residential properties, hotels, inns, resorts, apartments, or personal property of every kind and description.

The Company was incorporated in the Philippines on 23 September 2005.

The Company owns 77 units with 98 leasable spaces of Kepwealth Center (formerly, Keppel Center) in the Cebu Business Park. The PEZA-accredited fifteen (15)-storey building is currently tenanted by reputable firms both domestic and multinational, in various industries such as in finance and insurance, audit, legal counselling, education, health services, real estate, tourism, and sovereign agencies, among others. Aside from the condominium units in Kepwealth Center, Cebu, the Company also acts as an asset manager for certain real estate projects located in key areas within Metro Manila.