Investor Relations Program

Kepwealth Property Phils. Inc.’s Investor Relations Program is monitored and led by our Investor Relations Officer, Mr. Servillano Jose I. Dunglao, who has the responsibility of ensuring accurate and timely communication of information, including access to official announcements, disclosures and market sensitive information, relating to the Company.

As a listed company in the Small, Medium and Emerging Board of the Philippine Stock Exchange (“PSE”), we comply with the reportorial requirements of the PSE and Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) to provide the investing public an accurate assessment of the Company’s financial performance and forecasts. We timely disclose our financial results through the filing of the Quarterly Report (SEC Form 17-Q) and year-end financial statements (SEC Form 17-A), which includes a detailed management’s discussion and analysis. Our financial reporting disclosures are in compliance with the PSE and SEC requisites.

We also ensure our compliance with applicable law, rules, and regulations prescribed by the SEC and the PSE. Any market-sensitive information is immediately disclosed to the SEC and PSE and then released through various modes of communication (i.e. press release and company website).

The company website is regularly reviewed and maintained. The Company aims that the company website be an effective channel for the Company’s directors and officers to communicate to its shareholders and other stakeholders.